PTFE Raw Materials

PTFE Free Flow Powder

Selected and qualified raw materials treated by Micflon is suitable for compression molding, sintering and extrusion. Virgin products are available in different flowing grade, including PTFE pellets and modified PTFE pellets. These materials can be widely used in the field of Sealing, Mechanical, Automotive, Electronic, Medical, etc..

Colored materials can also be provided to meet different customer’s requirement.

PTFE Compounded Free Flow Powder

Micflon supplies a wide range of PTFE compounds also known as Filled PTFE. Specific fillers or reinforcements are added into the virgin PTFE, including Glass Fibers, Bronze, Carbon Fibers, Graphite, POB, pigment, etc. It modifies the original PTFE properties to fulfil the customer’s specific requirements.

PTFE Compounded Powder

PTFE Compounded powder not only maintains the properties of PTFE, but also changes the original performance of PTFE to meet the specific needs of customers. The main fillers include Glass Fiber, Bronze, Carbon Fiber, Graphite, POB, pigments, etc.

Various pre-sintered materials including virgin materials, colored and filled pre-sintered materials, can also be provided according to your needs.

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Our products range from PTFE, PFA, PCTFE to their machined parts, which can be mainly used in the field of Semiconductor, 5G, New Energy, Medical, Aviation, etc..According to Customer’s needs, we can also provide our suitable solutions including Technologies, materials and dimensions.

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PTFE Raw Materials

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