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Micflon-2020 annual meeting in Zibo

MICFLON   Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

This annual meeting company also provided a stage for employees to show themselves and the team, the partners of each department brought various forms, let a person dizzying dance, songs, etc.We put our hearts into it, presenting a happy feast of this family.These not only bring laughter and laughter to everyone, but also make colleagues closer to each other's hearts.

The annual meeting provides a stage for each central team to show, we will be full of enthusiasm, high morale to embark on a new journey, to climb the new heights and forge ahead!

The glorious year 2019 has passed, and the promising and challenging year 2020 is quietly approaching.Over the past year, we have had our share of laughter and tears, and our work has been fruitful.In the face of 2020, we are full of vision, full of passion, with higher goals waiting for us to achieve, bigger markets waiting for us to conquer, more spectacular business waiting for us to wield wisdom and talent.Let us use confidence and courage together, swagger, to write a better future!