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PFA Products

PFA, commonly known as soluble PTFE, has similar properties to PTFE, and its dielectric properties are 3-4 times higher than PTFE. Therefore, it has been widely used in Reactor Lining, Semiconductor, Medical, Automotive and other fields. Main products include PFA welding rod, PFA rod and tube. The high-purity PFA pipes produced at Micflon has been widely applied in the fields of Semiconductor and Medical fields.

PCTFE Products

The melting temperature of PCTFE is 213 ℃, which has excellent chemical stability, insulation, weather resistance, high compressive strength, low load deformation and wide temperature range stability. It can be used for at – 196-125 ℃ constantly. Its mechanical strength and hardness are better than PTFE. The product is widely used in fields such as lining, sealing, and cables.

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Our products range from PTFE, PFA, PCTFE to their machined parts, which can be mainly used in the field of Semiconductor, 5G, New Energy, Medical, Aviation, etc..According to Customer’s needs, we can also provide our suitable solutions including Technologies, materials and dimensions.

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