Machined Components

A wide range of finished products are processed on our CNC machines, automatic Lathes and Carvings. Machined Components including PTFE, PTFE Modified, PTFE Compounds, PFA, PCTFE and other plastics are available at Micflon. Professional equipment, experienced engineers, and rich knowledge of materials are the guarantee of the quality of MICFLON. And the dust-free workshop can better meet the needs of high-end markets.


Bellows as connectors between engineering components, fully play its properties of compression folding and high flexibility. It has been widely used in the field of semiconductor, chemical, medical, food, etc.. Micflon can design and process Bellows with different sizes and shapes.

Materials:  PTFE, Modified PTFE, PTFE compounds

Valve Seats

Valve Seats, Sphere and their fittings are the important components in Valves. The low friction and corrosion resistance of PTFE make it widely used in high-end valves.

Materials:  PTFE, Modified PTFE, PTFE Compounds, PCTFE, PFA


PTFE has excellent dielectric properties, so it is widely used as an insulating materials. PTFE has a wide range of operating temperatures. It is widely used in fields of 5G mobile phones, base station antennas, and automobiles.

Material: PTFE, modified PTFE, PTFE compounds, PCTFE, PFA


Different materials have different properties. Our professional technicians and R&D team can provide you with suitable solutions. Our formula is applied to hydraulic seals, oil seals, mechanical seals, etc.

Materials:PTFE, Modified PTFE, PTFE Compounds


PTFE O-ring is a closed circular ring with circle cross section, which is widely used for static sealing in semiconductor, chemical, automotive, food and other fields.

Material: PTFE, modified PTFE, PTFE compounds, PCTFE, PFA

Customized Parts

Professional equipment, experienced engineers and rich material knowledge are available at Micflon, who can process components suitable for your requirements based on your drawing structure.

Materials:PTFE, Modified PTFE, PTFE Compounds,PFA, PCTFE

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Our products range from PTFE, PFA, PCTFE to their machined parts, which can be mainly used in the field of Semiconductor, 5G, New Energy, Medical, Aviation, etc..According to Customer’s needs, we can also provide our suitable solutions including Technologies, materials and dimensions.

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Machined Components

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